Data Backup and Data Recovery

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Whether you are a residential customer or a small business customer your devices store all of your important data. We offer services specially designed to protect this data from all types of threats and to recover data that was lost accidentally. Computer Solutions Tampa simplifies the complexity of data protection and recovery with our data backup and data recovery services.

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Have you ever lost a piece of really important data, or had the moment of panic where you thought you did? All of our data, whether personal memories from photos or important documents for business, hold immense value to us that can be devastating if lost. This data is not just valuable, it is too valuable to risk losing. More and more often, we are relying on digital devices such as laptops, desktops, and cell phones to store and protect this data.

If you do not have a proper backup plan in place, you are risking losing it all at any moment. The question is not “Will my computer hard drive crash?”; but rather “WHEN will my computer hard drive crash?”. Whether your data is lost from an accident, mechanical failure, a natural disaster, or criminal malice, once the data is compromised it is difficult and sometimes impossible to recover; and free security software that often comes equipped on your device does not always come equipped with the necessary tools to keep up with emerging threats. Not using a data backup service is taking a gamble on data you can’t afford to lose.

The Solution:

Computer Solutions Tampa offers a data backup service provided through Carbonite, an Online Data Backup Service, that will help protect you from that devastating feeling of losing all your hard work and treasured memories. This data backup service is relatively affordable considering the peace of mind it provides; there is a $100.00 one-time setup fee plus an annual charge paid directly to Carbonite, currently starting at $59.99 per year for 1 PC with unlimited data storage.


Even with the best preventative measures in place there is still a chance of data becoming lost or damaged. Data recovery is the process of salvaging data that has been mistakenly deleted, made inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged, or formatted by restoring the data to a laptop, desktop, server, or external storage system from backup. Regardless of what has happened to the missing or corrupted data it is important to remain calm, act swiftly, and avoid doing anything that could potentially make the issue worse. You need a professional to help you through the data recovery process.

Computer Solutions Tampa offers a data recovery service that will not only help you find your lost files, but also help you protect your data to prevent you from losing it again in the future. Our experienced technicians will provide the resources necessary to recover files that have been lost or damaged. Additionally, we will transfer this data to another source if the original operating system is corrupted. If there is a backup solution missing, we will work with you to get one in place to protect data moving forward. The best part of our data recovery services is that they are provided at no risk to you: NO RECOVERY, NO CHARGE! Also, there is never a travel fee or hourly fee, simply a flat fee for the data recovery service.