Digital Fillable Forms

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All types of businesses can benefit from going digital – and not to just keep up with the times or appeal to younger customers, but also improve processes, provide a competitive advantage over competitors, and to increase customer satisfaction. As an extension of our document imaging service, Paper to PDF, we can also convert forms and contracts into customizable, fillable forms that can be easily shared with clients or internally.

Keeping spare forms or printing documents and contracts to sign can be time consuming (and poorly affects our environment). Converting these constantly used documents into digital files allows you to access them from wherever and whenever you need them with a simple click of your mouse.

Some of the common types of documents we frequently convert into fillable pdf forms are:

  • New Hire Paperwork

  • Federal forms such as W-4s and I-9s

  • Service Agreement Contracts

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Non-Compete Agreements

  • Attorney-Client Contracts

  • Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Invoices

  • Employee HR Paperwork

  • And More!


Banks and Insurance Companies

Our digitalized pdf forms will still allow you to keep your personalized bank account, loan application forms, and insurance quotes and agreements. They will also allow customers to create an account online, purchase insurance and sign the agreement, or submit a loan application from the comfort of their own home while reducing paper waste in your office

Realtors and Mortgage Companies

Buying and selling a home requires a lot of paperwork. Save yourself – and your clients – the hassle of printing out and manually signing the numerous pages and forms. Switch to fillable forms your clients can sign from anywhere! In addition to the convenience for your client, you’ll also open your calendar to sell other homes if you’re not stuck in the office signing forms!

Law Firms & Legal Departments

Attorney-client privilege is an important aspect of any working legal relationship. You can go digital without compromising security and focus on your case instead of waiting for documents to print and get signed. Email them to your client and just wait for them to be returned completed!

Medical and Dental Professions

Entice new patients with fast and easy digital registration forms. You can also easily keep track of any updated information from current patients and have consent forms signed almost instantly with a click of a button or swish of an electronic pen. Keep track of patient visits and enter in office visit notes.

Other Organizations

Get new employees to work sooner by implementing fillable new hire paperwork and submit them electronically with ease! We can convert any paper document into a fillable form, including HR documents and contracts sent to clients. Speed up customer service by allowing customers to register electronically and sign service agreements with ease and not worry about losing a page. Email contractual agreements or invoices to vendors, contractures, and customers and get right to work!

Additional Data Backup Service Add-On

Never worry about missing forms, patient paperwork, or lost contracts. Once filled out and signed, you can easily store your files and back them up with our Cloud service. We work hard at keeping your data and information safe so you don’t have to.