Drone Photography and Videography

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Photography is a main feature of every event, whether that event is related to a personal milestone, the launch of a big project, or a family trip. However, finding the right photographer with the necessary skills, aptitude, and equipment can be difficult—but not anymore. CST Photography is here with the finest high-tech drone photography services, ready to capture still and motion images for all types of events and client needs. If your project requires the best in overhead photography, call us now.

Why CST Photography

1. FAA Licensed Photographic Company

The FAA requires a special license for companies and individuals who use drones for photographing special functions or events. These could include marriages, birthdays, corporate events, inaugurations, movie production, and much more. We are fully authorized to operate drones for photography or videography needs, and we bring you proven results to make your events memorable and enchanting.

2. We Utilize Advanced Imaging Drones

Because Computer Solutions Tampa are device maintenance experts, we stay ahead of other drone companies by regularly upgrading to the latest models. This ensures that we always provide optimal quality photographs and videos for our wide range of clients. We know what tools are best, and we have them.

3. Our Team Are Artistic (Yet Technical) Photographers.

We employ a team of professionals, all educated photographers who have valuable insight and industry knowledge obtained over years of experience. They are not just technicians who take photos, but artists who understand the essence and techniques of photography. They understand which type of techniques are best for wedding events, and those more suited for motion pictures, still-image inspections, or corporate events.

4. High Quality Photo and Video Results for Day, Night, Indoor, and Outdoor Functions:

Our drone cameras can capture photos of many events—day or night. Whether you are holding an event outdoors in the sunshine, inside under specialty lighting, or by romantic moonlight, our drones are up to the task. Our photographs are never blurred or out of focus; we offer high-resolution, well-composed results.

Tampa Bay’s Leading Drone Photography and Videography Services

Whatever your requirements for drone imaging or recording might be, contact us for a free consultation. See how our range of drone camera technology can best meet your needs. CST Photography has provided drone photography and videography services for:

  • Weddings
  • Commercial Advertisements
  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraising Events and Advertising
  • Real Estate Aerial Imaging
  • Estate and Property Advertisement Videos
  • Amateur Artist Music Videos
  • Home Inspections
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Rooftop and Building Inspections