Maintenance Plans

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Computers are essential tools to helping us live life as efficiently as possible. But our computers don’t always run as efficiently as they can. It’s not uncommon to become frustrated with a slow performing computer at home or at work. When our computers aren’t working at their maximum capacity it limits our ability to work or get things done at our own maximum capacity, and there is nothing more infuriating than knowing you are being limited by your computer.

Why Do I Need a Computer Tune-Up?

We know that over time computers often become sluggish and slowly start working at a slower pace. We may not realize the changes right away, but eventually we realize that we are waiting longer for the system to load and it’s taking us longer to complete even the simplest of task. Even new computers may come with unwanted programs and unnecessary files that cause your computer to not run at its maximum capacity – this means you may not even know the potential your computer holds from your very first use!

We offer a computer tune-up service in which we will clean up your new or old computer, removing unwanted programs and unnecessary files, and increasing the speed and performance of your device. Our computer tune-up service uses specialty system cleaning tools that our experienced technicians will install and run to get your device working at its maximum capacity.

Monthly Maintenance Plan

To keep our computers running as efficiently as possible it is important to have regular monitoring to check for any issues that could be causing our computers to slow down. Regular monitoring can ensure that issues are caught and corrected early. It can be difficult to detect issues on your computer because they can start small and continue to grow until suddenly your computer has a major issue that will be extremely expensive to correct, if it can be fixed at all.

We provide a monthly maintenance plan in which you will have an experienced technician remotely connect to your home or office computer each month and perform a computer tune-up. Your technician will also update all drivers on your computer and review all software and ensure the latest critical updates are installed on your system. We can also review any backup solutions you may have or recommend a solution a backup solution if you do not already have a regular data backup plan in place.

How much will it cost?

Our computer tune-up service is provided as a one-time, flat rate fee of $49.99. You can also take advantage of our recurring monthly maintenance plan for only $39.99 per PC each month.

The computer tune-up service is designed only to remove unwanted programs and unnecessary files, but not to remove computer viruses or malware, which may also be causing your computer to run slowly. We do offer a sperate Virus Removal Service if this is the case. Should your computer require this service, we will notify you to obtain your approval of the additional service and charge before continuing with virus removal.