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Computer Solutions Tampa is proud to be a Green and Paperless company, and as such we are committed to helping our customers to be friendly to the environment. Document imaging and scanning is a crucial technology driven solution to helping our customers use less paper and store their important data safely and efficiently.

Computer Solutions Tampa has 19+ years of experience and has proudly helped hundreds of our customers become Green and Paperless through our document imaging services.

Imaging services are one of the best ways for our residential customers to store precious memories such as

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Important personal documents

Our small business customers can greatly benefit from our document imaging services by transferring all of their paper documents into a pdf. Taking your company digital allows you to take company information, training materials, contracts, and more and transform it to a source that allows for quick and easy accessibility. Instead of having to sift through boxes and boxes for stored physical documents or paper files, you can browse through electronic copies in a matter of minutes right from your computer. We can digitalize the following documents for any business:

  • Employee New Hire Paperwork

  • Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct

  • Training Materials

  • Customer Receipts

  • Internal Communications

  • Contracts

  • Invoices and Receiving

  • Employee HR Files

  • Blueprints and Project Documentation

  • And More!

You have the choice of scanning and saving your images and documents as Tiff or PDF files. Contact Computer Solutions Tampa today so we can review your document imaging project with you.

Benefits of Digitizing Documents

Over time, invoices, employee paperwork, training materials, contracts, and other paper documents can accumulate over time and take up valuable office space. Locating specific documents can become more difficult and time consume. Converting your paper files can have immediate and long-lasting benefits.

  • Efficient Document Management. All of your documents in one place where you can track usage, edit, and share with ease.

  • Finding What You Need. No need to sift through drawers and filing cabinets for a copy of the form you need. Simple search and have it in seconds!

  • Re-Use Printed Text. Convert paper documents into customizable fillable forms so you can edit documents, contracts, invoices, and more without having to retype or re-create similar documents.

  • Access Anytime, Anywhere. With a digital database, you can recall any document you need, wherever you are, and whenever you may need it.

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint. Gone are the days of making copies, distributing numerous identical memos, and printing forms to be signed. Electronically documented forms can be easily accessed, filled out and signed, and be distributed effortlessly.

How much will my document imaging project cost?

The answer to this question is dependent on how many file boxes you have to be scanned. Most document imaging projects will cost between $.07-$.10 per document. Prices vary depending on the amount of prep-work that is needed to complete the document imaging project.

A full file box typically holds about 2700 documents. Multiply the number of full file boxes you have by 2700 to find the number of pages you need scanned, then multiply the number of pages you need scanned by 10 cents and you have an estimated cost for your document imaging project; contact us for an accurate quote. However, becoming a paperless company will save you money from day one and will continue to save your company money will into the future.

We are proud of our commitment to handle all of our customer’s requests with exceptional care. Our goal in any document imaging project is to successfully meet our guarantee of quality and quick response.