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Search Engine Optimization, or more commonly, SEO, is the term used for the process of encouraging search engines to see your site as more relevant for specific keywords that potential customers may use to search your services. Using SEO methods, our Search Engine Marketing services are designed to help your website be found by search engines whenever a person searches for one of your industry-related keywords.

Search engines utilize a complex algorithm in order to determine where your website and others like it should rank in their results for those industry-related keywords. There are hundreds of factors that can influence this algorithm, most of which are kept close to the vest of search engine companies; however, there are many publications that analyze the workings of search engines that have revealed the two main factors of concentration of search engine algorithms. These two factors are studied and implemented by our marketing team to help our clients rank above competitors in search engine results. These two factors are called on-site optimization and off-site optimization.

On-Site Optimization

This term is used to envelop the coding side of website development that describes your website to search engine bots that your site is relevant to your industry-related keywords. Once your site has been developed, there is little to change or add to improve on-site optimization. However, websites should be reviewed every three years to ensure that the coding is up to the current industry standard, as technology is ever improving upon itself.

Off-Site Optimization

This is the on-going creation, changing, and addition of content on your website that helps to create organic traffic for your website and creates addition links that lead to your website. Each piece of content and each link (called “backlinks”) increases your site’s relevancy for industry-related keywords, allowing you to rank higher than competitors with fewer content and backlinks.

With our Search Engine Marketing service, we use paid advertisements and organic search methods to help to encourage search engines to view your site more favorably than other sites for specific keywords, allowing your site to rank higher in search results for those keywords in the top three search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our Search Engine Marketing service is completely risk-free – we offer a complete 100% money-back guarantee with our SEO marketing services. If we don’t improve your site’s ranking in search engine’s results, we’ll refund your money!