Smartphone Repair

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Nothing feels worse than that moment when you feel your phone slip out of your hands and it begins it spiraling tumble downwards and you know that there is no way to stop it. Every moment of every day we depend on our phones – for connection, communication, to check the time and weather, to verify facts, or to get us to our appointment on time. Ensuring we have a fully functioning and working device is paramount to maintaining relations, and in many cases, getting our work done.

No matter the brand or style of your device, the technology experts at Computer Solutions Tampa are capable of resolving any device issue. Some of the more common problems we encounter, and resolve are:

Cracked Smartphone Screen Repair

Probably the most common smartphone issue, cracked phones can be easily replaced, especially if the LCD component under the screen is still intact. If you can still use your phone and the screen responds to your touch, then the damage is just a superficial crack. Don’t wait to replace a small crack or screen damage – a second (or third) drop or tumble can worsen the damage, affecting the glass and LCD underneath. This deeper damage can be more time consuming and costly to repair. In most instances, we can replace your cracked cell phone screen, and have you back up and running within the hour!

Glass and LCD Replacement

Some drops are worse than others and can do more extensive damage. If your device no longer responds to your touch or has any lines or discoloration across the screen, then you likely have damage to the glass and LCD that sits beneath the top screen layer. Don’t despair – we can still repair your phone by conducting a complete glass and LCD replacement, it may just take us a little longer than a basic screen replacement.

Battery Replacement

As devices age and new versions are released, your cell phone may begin to experience a lag in operating functions and loading, have difficulty holding a charge or may not charge at all, or you may have trouble getting the device to power on. Typically, the fix to these issues are actually quite simple – replacing the cell phone’s battery. With a new battery, your device will be able to keep up with the demands of updates and application processes.

Charging Port Repair

In most instances if your phone isn’t charging the first assumptions are that the USB cord or the phone battery is going bad. If you have replaced your charger and are still having issues, we can check and replace the battery if needed. If we discover that your battery is in working order, but you are still having trouble charging, you may have damage to your charging port. Damage to the charging port is usually cause by normal wear and tear from repetitive use, accumulation of dust or other particles if not properly covered, being dropped, inserting the USB incorrectly, or more aggressively unplugging the device than you must have meant to.

Power Button Repair

If you notice that your phone power button or screen lock button require an extra click to respond, or seem to be losing their “clickiness”, or has failed to respond entirely then bring your device in for our experts to inspect. Much like damage to your charging port, damage to the power button can occur for many of the same reasons; being dropped, over use, or an ill-fitting case. Luckily, having a damaged power or screen lock button can, in most cases, be easily repaired and won’t require shelling out hundreds for a new phone.

Speaker Repair

Water or other liquids can wreak havoc on electronic devices, and speakers are especially susceptible to this damage. Constance use or listening at too high of a volume can cause your speaker to have a blow-out. Our technicians can easily repair the loudspeaker or ear speaker of any device.