Social Media Marketing

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Over two billion individuals are active on Facebook with an average of nearly one and a half billion users on Facebook daily. Instagram has over 800 million users, 100 million of whom are active every month; Twitter had over 328 million active users every month; LinkedIn has over 500 million users; there are 111 million active users on Google+ – the data goes on for each available social media outlet and it shows that there is a vast number of people connecting online every day; with friends, family, strangers, news outlets, and yes, even businesses.

In order to stay relevant to the current and coming generations, businesses need to find ways to connect with them in ways that they understand. Days of newspaper and magazine advertisements, billboards, television commercials, and radio ads are in the past. With the world going digital, you need to make sure that your company does too.

Utilizing Social Media Marketing for your business serves several purposes. Using social media, your business can:

  1. Connect with current customers and expand your reach to potential customers, with content and posts but also with advertisements.
  2. Provide an outlet to display your services and gain a following, which leads to personal referrals and recommendations of your services.
  3. Increase the amount of reviews for your business and services provided. This in turn “social proof’s” your business, which heavily increases a buyer’s likelihood to follow through with a sale.

Through our Social Media Marketing, we will grow your online presence, build trust and relationships among your followers and potential clients, and increase branding and service awareness, all the while improving your reputation in your industry as a leading provider. We accomplish this by:

  • Creating and posting content that displays your brand, services or products, and demonstrates your expertise in your field as a means to encourage them to take a buying action.

  • Actively engage with your followers by posting content that will drive likes, comments, and shares, opening a doorway to engage in an authentic conversation with potential customers.

  • Using organic approaches, such as content sharing, posts, and pictures to engage current followers and drive sharing of your page and invites to like or follow your business online.

  • Utilize paid advertising on social media outlets to target a specific audience that is more likely to be interested in your services; encouraging them to take a look at your service or products without them first having to look for you.