Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks 2018-05-23T05:44:32+00:00
  • To help keep your system running smoothly try to remember to run a cookie cleaner/registry cleaner once a week.
  • Computer running slow but don’t want to buy a new one.  See about adding more memory.  Not sure if your system can handle more memory.  Try and scan your system to tell you what you need.  Adding more memory to your system is the cheapest upgrade you can do.
  • If after adding more memory did not do it for you then you might want to think about switching your old hard drive to a SSD (Solid State Drive).  We have helped numerous customers migrate to SSD.  Our latest migration changed a laptop to bootup from 2.5 minutes to 16 seconds.  Previous specs were i3 4gb ram and 320GB SATA drive then just changed to 500GB SSD and DONE!  This project cost only $200.00 including the SSD.